Rooftop Party , Friends and Pizza.

Sigh !! How I miss updating on this blog . 

Now that I am a pengantin basi and Alhamdulillah , everything is done and over . Can’t help but feel a lil jelly of those getting married . All the preps to be a bride BUT if you were to ask me if I were to do it all over again .. My answer is NO. heh

The only thing I have not got back yet is my Wedding Video . But no sweat people , Fudge from D’shootz are always prompt updating us about it . Truth is , we don’t mind also . Actually when we think back , we could do without the video because the pictures are more than enough to remind us about our big day . But yes,  video important also . Mana tahu nak feeling2 balik and rewind those moments in motion .

On weekends , i am so dead lazy . Too lazy to even wake up early . If I know that weekend , i feel like sleeping in later than my usual time , I would head back to my parents place cause maklumlah tinggal rumah in laws , nanti kalau bangun pukul 12 , apa dorang pikir pulak kan .

Up to date , it has been a good journey over at my in law place though I had to now take a bus first then the MRT in order to get to work unlike my parents house , where the MRT  is just a 5 min walk . Really thankful for Allah for not granting me KEPO in laws where by they keep asking me this and that . My in laws respect my privacy though sometimes I feel like dorang macam tak peduli pasal aku ! HAHA  . But don’t get me wrong , they are in their 60s , so probably their vibe would be – Biarlah , anak2 ni kan dah besar , kita tak payah sibuk2 lagi .. Tahu lahh dorang urus diri dorang .

Since me and A are quite independent , we are all good . We rely on each other most of the times . Nasib lah ada laki yang pandai masak , one who I  can rely to prepare my meals . Sometime I got back late from work and the maid already kept all the food , A would be the one ensuring I at least get something to eat before I solat and sleep .

Though he can be so nasty and so annoying with his farts . I don’t get it with the lelaki boleh kentut depan kita tapi bila part kita cakap kita nak kentut , they will give us this digusted look . OHMAGAWD ! Geram kdg2

Tapi kahwin ni bagus actually , ada teman bebual merepek . Especially before sleep . I and A will be mumbling and talking about anything and everything just before we sleep . Sometimes I just wouldn’t stop , A knows really well that once I start bebual merepek and talk non stop in the car when outside or in the house , I am asking to be put in bed or immediately balik because I need my bed .

In a few more hours , A and I will be leaving for Phuket for my birthday trip . Maklumlah member nak tukar bulan . Nak turn 25th .  And we just could not stay still in Singapore . Apart from the 2 weeks plus of mini honeymoon in Bali on Feb . Then last two weeks at Montigo Resort and now , the land of the Banana Pancake , Nutella Pancake and Mango Sticky Rice. We would be flying back on my birthday itself which will be the 24th in order to celebrate with family and friends .

It would be first time to Phuket , so any suggestions of good place to makan or shop do drop a comment ok . Klau tak imma gonna be a sea lion and just soak up the sun dekat tepi swimming pool. Or even better , sleep in the hotel room all day .

We are pretty bump that we had to sell off our ticket to our big honeymoon this end of year because well someone’s expected EDD is this Dec . My birthday present you can say !! Insyallah .  May Allah keep my love ones safe and to you all too .

17 days to Ramadhan people . First one with the husb and Eid too . Moga Allah temukan kita di bulan yang mulia lagi penuh rahmat itu . Speaking of  which , need to buy those fancy-fancy envelopes . hehe

Enjoy your weekends !!


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