27 weeks + bumpin

Outdated post –  I forget to post about it

(2nd Trimester Memories)

Somebody have been kicking non-stop ever since the A started asking. And so it happens at  start of the 19wks mark . Careful what you wish for . hahaha. Kick my stomach , kick my bladder , everything that can be possibly kick on . I kena kick . Result – continuous visit to the ladies , random vomiting outburst , loss in appetite and a major pain at my tailbone whenever i sit for too long . Starting to hate desk bound jobs .

     2. Still not gotten myself new pillows or pregnancy pillow because simply I was too lazy        to search for one or sometimes i feel that the price is too exorbitant . Left or right doesn’t matter anymore . I still prefer my back . What’s the point of turning when you are  being kicked at even till 4am at night . I miss sleeping on my front . Such pleasure that I took for granted .

3. Pretty feisty for a “mini me” and a not so big bump . I only started showing prior at 18 weeks . Yes , PINK FOR DAYS ! Or maybe not .Cause I hate pink .  Actual fact is , the detail scan news was the most shocking one for us . Well , simply because we thought it was the opposite . No pregnancy glow , no urge to splurge on makeup , no desire to melawa and simply I dress sembarang only nowdays . ‘Whatever fits my bump’, they say . It came with a shock because through out my heavy days , not even one soul predicted that it would be a , “mini me” . Everybody thought and could “sense” it would be A’s Junior . So the hope was there . Maybe also because even before getting married , those childhood visions of a being a married woman and having a son for the first child seems to be dream come true to me but alas , a girl for the first only means DRESS UP and more DRESSING UP .

I have learn to face the truth and I actually love it ! I’ve been obsess with watching videos of baby girls . One in particular is #selmamalika . Selma in the morning and selma before going to bed . So cute lahh she .

Attend to our first baby fair with a not so big bump . Left with nothing at all because we were not even sure what to buy . And also I thought that we could do without those items that were being sold there .

Still have not fulfill my cravings of having sushi . I miss my  scallop and octopus sushi .Dying to have it actually but just waiting for the right time . Currently a C cup now which is so so so so weird .

Insomnia have just began . (its normal they say) . I could be sleeping early and then waking up at odd hours just staring at my husb or the ceiling .

Checkups have been good , except that there are a few times we have to either take a walk first or grab something to eat in order for her to turn upwards so that the doctor could measure her and all . Every checkup is such an awesome feeling knowing that we would be hearing her heartbeat and also watching her at the screen .

You , my dear have been a fan of fast food . You kept me making me have KFC , MCD , BURGER KING  as much as you could . There was no other foods that you crave except for the every wed the plaza makcik’s nasi ayam penyet and every fri also the plaza makcik’s nasi briyani . I basically need to munch every now and then .  Buying snacks make me happy .

I have not pick a name for you . Neither your dada . We want it to be something sweet . .  Have an Islamic meaning behind it . But if there is one word to describe you while you are in me now . It would have to be STRONG.

A strong willed baby you are my love . Always making things easier for me . May Allah keep you safe and sound till I finally meet you . ❤


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