Wedding Checklist

Pre Wedding

Pre Marriage Course (October 2015)

– Pre Wedding Outdoor Shoot (Casual )

The Big Day // First deposit

Bridal 1stDeposit (May 2014 )

Photography deposit (June 2014)

Videography(July 2014)

Both Catering deposit(Jan 2015)

Both Side Decor deposit (Jan 2015)

Kompang deposit(Dec 2014)

Gubahan Tray deposit(Sept 2014)

Vendors to book and deposit

Both SideEntertainment(April 2015)

– Wedding cake

Wedding Invites

-Berkat Favours (Adult & Children)

-Bridal Bouquet

Dulang Gubahan Bride to Groom 

1. Wedding Ring✓+Watch✓

2. Arai Helmet✓

3.  Al Quran✓ + Sejadah✓

4. Tailored baju kurung✓

5. Prada Wallet✓ + Oakley Shades✓


Dulang Gubahan A to F

1. Wedding Ring✓+Watch✓

2. Bag✓ + Wallet✓

3. Tailored baju kurung✓

4. Mas Kahwin✓ + Hantaran✓

5. Al Quran✓ + Telekung✓

6. Makeup✓


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