BTO Recap Part 1 – Unit Secured

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So yes , I am no more stalking the HDB page . Let’s do a lil recap on the BTO journey .

22 May 2014 – Launch of HDB MAY 2014 BTO Sales

This was the part everything goes pretty calm but crazy . Adam was the first one to informed me bout the notification of the BTO sales launch.He was in the middle of his Senior Police Officer interview when suddenly he call to tell me about the SMS. He gave me the green light to fill up everything without him , few hiccups before finally i press send .

30 June 2014 – Received Application Status 

So after weeks of waiting, HDB send a notification to the email with our application result. So unlike some couples , we wasn’t as lucky to be given a good balloting number. We didn’t keep our hopes really high, so the disappointment level was bearable but it didn’t deter us from giving up. We told each other if the house was meant for us,then it shall be .

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27 July 2014 – Invitation letter / 1st Appointment letter received

So it was few days into Raya when my mother decided to open the letter box after going for house visiting. The letter that she handed to me came as a surprise . It was quite shocking and hilarious to receive it . Firstly because , our balloting number sucks big time. Secondly , our appointment was like 2 months later . With the ethnic quota being implemented , do you even think we would even have a chance at it despite being first timer.

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22 September 2014 – 1st Appointment / Flat Selection

we didn’t apply the HDB loan first . We asked around and it wasn’t really a compulsary to apply the HDB loan first before the flat selection . Instead we told each other that all necessary documents will be filled up by the officer and we will bring all the necessary documents so that the officer can brief us on everything. We did print out all the documents that would also be required on that day. The Officer who attended to us in Room 174 was quite good and friendly , being the same race . We could joke around . Even when we are blur,she was nice enough to explain to us.

So she helped us to fill the HLE and AHG forms . Then came to our flat selection part, the night before and few days before we talked and discuss together with my mother on it . Both of us agreed on having a house higher than 10 storeys .  Well u see the Multi Storey Carpark highest level is level 7 .So if we get the block nearer to the carpark , we want it to be higher .Since our chosen estate has 4 blocks surrounding us , we obviously want our privacy and also a good projection of the wind and sun .Signed few more papers , before she finally say “ok , so you guys may proceed to level 3 to make the 2K deposit for the downpayment.”

Just like that we spend 2 hours with her . From 2.30 to 4 plus in the afternoon .After paying the 2K , we went back to room 174 to give her the receipt and she brief us for one last time before calling it a day . There was a few more document to submit, mainly my payslip . Hoping to be able to send it by 17/10 the deadline date .

And in case you are wondering . Yes, we took the Optional Component Scheme . Means the floor,the door and whatever package it came with . We have our own reasons but the most important is , I am so HAPPY  i made the decision to put a kitchen wall partition .So our choosen unit is Level 18 .

Having said that , I and Adam are owner of a unit on a bare land right now .

BLK 44**

Bukit Batok West Ave 9 

So the next update to our HLE and AHG result will be in the BTO entry . Insyallah everything will go smoothly.

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