Krabi Baby


We are safely back since 2 days ago ! Alhamdulillah , we headed to Krabi last week Thursday to soak in the sea and sand. It was in celebration to our 3rd Wedding Anniversary . And i totally fell in love Krabi ,why didn’t I went there sooner. I totally prefer it than Phuket. There is something about Krabi that makes it beautiful, life there wasn’t so hectic. The people there are so friendly and warm.But of course,despite it being out our anniversary celebration, we brought Mia along.


We had endless of fun,the iteniarary were all just nice. Our programmes are all just nice. We started the trip with exploring our hotel area and because we stay right smack in between Ao Nang, we had the privilege to explore it by foot and by our trusted scooter. It was Mia’s first experience on the scooter . She will fidget in between and then before you know she doze off , so she spend most time on it sleeping.

I still remember when we had our babymoon in phuket,mia was still a very tiny bub baking in me.I was so scared to take the bike,the husb was so annoyed at me.We only manage to ride the bike to the nearest shopping centre near to our hotel, so it was movie every single day over day including watching ANGRY BIRD . I kept saying no to everything because of the distance we have to travel. How can i not be paranoid,from the 2nd months onwards preggy with mia,i had brown stains on my undies every now and then. It wasn’t spotting though so i had the tendency to overthink. And because it was my first pregnancy i was not going to risk it.

So back to Krabi, i would totally recommend you our hotel.(GLOW AO NANG.) I had nothing to complain about the hotel. Even though we were given the second floor , we had the pool view and everything about it was such a pleasant stay.We didn’t opt for breakfast this time because we felt that we don’t want to rush into it.So wake up, get ready , breakfast for mia and head out.


Will totally recommend this restaurant over there too, BANGBOO Seafood Restaurant . (IKAN STEAM LIMAU) , I MISS YOU ! This restaurant is so near the mosque. I would have patron this restaurant everyday if not for the varieties of food around the area. There’s this shop just outside the mosque that see this awesome PHAD THAI and plenty of girlled chicken and beef meat.I think the husb was one happy traveller,he had pad thai almost every day and his fav chicken parts.He even ate fried chicken feet there.Must be too good that i didn’t see him offering me one.Or maybe he knows i will just give him the disgust look.


Island hopping was so awesome ! If you are travelling with kids, i would recommend you to take the speedboat.Mia was such a darling on it, like real only.Girl have no fear or motion sickness leh,so steady.A total of 4 islands that we explored over there.I got sick the day we landed in Krabi, i had bad flu and sore throat .So on the second day of the trip,the day we went island hopping it got worse.I had slight diarrohea,i wasn’t feeling good enough. All i wanted was to lie down . We did okay on the first island,i manage to find the toilet to do my big business cause it was so urgent. The second island, i felt like my head getting heavy. SO while mia play with the sand,i lie down on the sand.It was good .

And when it was time to go back to the boat , i vomited everything out. Since i didnt eat yet,i vomited out the coconut drink that i had. And all of a sudden everything was a lot more better,its like i vomited a very bad toxin out.Got to thank the coconut drink, so the last 2 island i had more energy.And because the timing was good , we feed mia her milk and she sleep in the boat while we go snorkelling . I was awesomeeeeeeeeeee ! Many sweet memories to that trip,mia with her size of life jacket. We are so proud of you mia. I recommend you to book from KLOOK 4 island hopping because it includes hotel pick up and transfer and save you all the hassle from going one vendor to another just to get the right price.For adult it only $40 for speedboat with halal buffet lunch provided.


Visited the elephant sanctuary the next was it was my fav activity there.It was both scary and exciting for mia. I always make it a point to the husb that we won’t be going place that exploit animals. I would never dream of riding the elephant or petting the tigers.These sanctuary are for retired elephants who in the early days spend their time being exploited for riding.They were between 52 to 70 elephant years and they are so gentle creatures.Most of them are females because according to their caretaker,females are not so aggresive. 1 of them is blind due to cataract and it was such a warm feeling how they know how to search for food using the other senses.1 can only see using her right eye due to cataract. The programme consists of feeding the elephants,walking along side them in the forest , playing with them in the mud and bathing with them in the river.We didn’t join the mud and water activities because the husb didn’t quite approve of the idea due to hygiene. But we enjoy it so much , being able to mix around with our group of travellers too .One was from Norway and one was from Chile.


I miss you Nutella Banana Pancake ! COunting days till i try you again


THANK YOU Krabi for being kind to us #TheAdams ! We hope to visit your Krabi Night Market again too. 2 nights wasn’t enough to let us try everything. From the crispy takoyaki there to the mouth watering honey pineapple there to all the Mango Sticky Rice , your awesome sugar palm honey cakes .

You would not find much things to shop over to Krabi and it’s good. You will not be accounted for not buying souvenirs for others because practically there is not much you can buy for yourself or others except for small and simple stuff like key chains . Krabi is more for relaxation , to forget about the hustle and bustle of life in Singapore.

And when the trip is relaxed and well planned , you find it all worth it. So from our tiring Europe trip to a relaxing Thailand trip. We thank Allah for the rezeki and strength he gave us.

But its only been 2 days since we are back to work and guess who asked this ques,

“Okay b , let’s plan for our next staycation” . My husband everybody)( hahahaha)

I take it as a good sign because anything to see the husb face , ever since he started this shift work routine , i miss him more.

Happy 3rd year Anni my love ! May Allah protect us and bless us in all ways . Thank you for being the great husband and father that you already are .
May Allah bless us with a second one when the times comes. I’m sorry i didn’t grant it any sooner but i want to have the time to have you two more by my side before i start whinning of back pain or shortness of breath or weird cravings.

2 years of Blessing

img_20180402_101051_698 ( Mia’s first birthday party ) ( All decorated by just us , husband and wife team work )
(Mia’s second birthday party, decorated by us two too but at our very own house)

So yeah mayb you would have guess , we do love to plan a party esp mia’s one ! We DIY everything , it makes me remember all the sacrifices , all the ideas and tiffs. It make us appreciate the moments more.

So yes , Guess whose motherhood journey already turn 2 years ! And my baby , 2 years old . Masyallah a toddler now . Thank you Allah , for the health , the energy, the rezeki and the chance given everyday to see and raise our baby . Its been a two wonderful years . From getting our own house keys , with the reno all done up and our own car and both of changing jobs.

We survive our first family Europe trip just last December.To travel to Swiss,London and Paris with a toddler wasn’t an easy feat but we made it through. Got to thank my husb for all the sacrifices he made especially with the packing and unpacking. I definitely cannot survive if its not for him .

I still can’t believe she turns 2 you know , sometimes i really can’t believe i had her. Like suddenly OMG,her clothing got smaller. She nows wear sneakers and shoes instead of booties. Mia have always been an easy baby up till today , though still a picky eater but i’m not so worries on it because GURL , GOT MY GENES YO . At 2 , she is growing very well . Tall and fleshy.

At 2 , she still sleeps by my armpit, we still co-sleep. She will crawl up to me to my chest and sleep.Can u imagine a hefty 12kg rice bag on you while you trying to sleep,she always find comfort in that. 2 means more sensitive to her surrounding, she seems to have this weak spot for getting reminded or scolded in front of people. She will sense that change of atmosphere and cry.It was funny to see how the baby we raise ‘hati dia ada taman’. And terrible 2 definately exist guys , like when she would be so happy to follow you around and the suddenly , she wouldn’t feel like walking anymore . Lie down on the floor checked , squat in the middle of nowhere checked , make a mess of every place we went checked . Guess , i’m only left with the roll or scream on the floor just yet. She is not on to screaming yet , just those whinning and annoying squeals of testing your patience but I love her like especially when i tell her , Mia hold ibu hand .Sigh , that feeling i that tell you .

I used to question why Allah didn’t grant me a son for my first, cause it have always been my angan-anagan and our dreams so that a son as our first can take care of his siblings but i actually know why my first turns out to be a girl . He gave me what i need not what i want and i would never want it the other way , never mind i spend endless money on her clothing , her toys , her educational books and stuffs as long as i get to see that smile on her face.

Not sure why i decided to re-write back but a few things deserve a hard copy reminder. Just like this one . Pray i will be more rajin you guys ! Till the next post perhaps


AM I BACK FOR REAL ?? GAHH , it’s good to be here again . I was contemplating to do  a new  blog domain since i’m over with the wedding phase and now to motherhood ! How time flies right . One moment i’m struggling with the wedding preps, now i’m busy with mummy duties . And also the reason I could actually draft out something here was because both my babies are asleep . Yup , mummy to a 1 year old toddler and a manchild .

I got married in Feb 2016 , got pregnant in March and deliver on December at the same year . Did i miss being pregnant ? Most definately. Would i want another one ?Hopefully not anytime soon. Alhamdulillah i was blessed with a smooth and easy pregnancy . No morning sickness or anything. No weird cravings,no water retention or whatso-ever. NA-DA . It was only at the last month of my pregnancy that I dread being pregnant because i was still active and working up till 39 weeks and baby had been at the bottom and somehow everytime i sit,my tail bone hurts really bad . Just imagine having to pull through it everyday for 8 hrs when you’r working in an office.You can’t possibly be walking each and everytime right.

I LOVE being pregnant , being spoilt by the lovely husband who goes the extra mile just to get what i feel like eating , who dun mind me putting on all the extra weights just so that i could eat and blame it on our child . How i would get special treatments on the bus and train rides but it doesn’t happen all the time though . Here not Japan one , not everytime people willingly offer you their seats . I only had my special treatments when baby turns 5 months because apparently before this my baby bump doesn’t look big and pregnant enough for them. I was blessed with the energy and health that Allah granted to me till i safely delivered my overdue baby after 40 weeks and 2 days .

Right from the moment i knew her gender , i had know the term or description of her.I knew I had to choose a name that has that meaning to it. How did i feel having to know that we’r going to have baby girl ? I CRIED !Well,not because i expected or wanted it but I was wrong , all along i had thought that it would be a boy because through out my pregnancy not even one of my relative or friends had guess it to be a girl so ya know..the social influence .. hahahah. And also i have always been dreaming of having a boy for the first one , just so that he could protect the siblings. I bawl my eyes out when the doctor told us its gonna be a girl because the very name that we had picked together was a boy’s name . HAHAHA . But now to think of it , did i ever regret crying ! Yes ! I should not ever have cried instead be very happy and thankful because my babygirl is everything to me now . She doesn’t look like me entirely but at times when i stare at her, i felt that she’s so much beautiful than me .  A very easy baby and a very friendly baby. Like, “are u really my child ?”

So yes , 2016 was the most memorable year ever. To have to pee on the stick and waking up your husb on a saturday morning to tell him that you’r pregnant. Buying a few more test kits to be more accurate and just for the fun of it . And you know what , the cheapest one from Guardian Pharmacy works best for us cause when we bought clear blue test kit , there wasn’t any line that appear but also it fades away.

All the most awaited checkup just to hear and see baby’s progress. All the shopping for her. All the research on baby’s development. The updates on the baby apps. My husb and I were blessed to provide her with all the needs up till now,every minute we spend together nowdays are so precious . It’s like weekends go by so fast and the next minute, we are back to work again.

But beside all the good things that were happening for us , I had my heart broken and shattered at the last 3 weeks before i gave birth, My mother was diagnosed with cancer . So u see , this baby came a lot of stories and memories.She was my blessing , my gift from Allah . My mother’s very first grandchild before she pass on last year in October after a year battling with ovarian cancer . My mother’s very last title in this world . As a Grandmother .

So to speak , i brought my baby up my way . The  way i learn it my own, from my experience friends, the net , pregnancy books and all . Since my mother wasn’t able to guide me along , my MIL was my guardian angel too always ensuring that I would be okay . She was a great help , never needing to meddle in my affairs.  At times , she would be puzzled with how i bring up my baby but slowly , she respects it and never needed the urge to question me .

How was it like having to bring up a baby on your own knowing the very one person that you would want to be with was your mother. My heart was torn into pieces when i got to know about it , sometimes i regret being married or pregnant too fast because i couldn’t be there for her every time . Either i was hold up for work or the baby needed to head back to sleep or simply because i was to tired to juggle work , the mother’s role and also the wife role. She was able to be with us since baby was a newborn and also till she turns 9 months plus . Just imagine if she was well and still be around . She would have been the happiest person ever , but its not meant  to be . Allah loves her more than we do, and its just right to return her to the creator because all i ever wanted was to not see her in pain or suffering .

I really do miss her , till today i can’t bear to re-watch all her videos and photos  because it will do me no good . I will tend to get emotional and stress up . There were too many of ‘what if’ in me. I only got to enjoy her company for 26 years , but i think the most strongest of all people are my siblings and father . Having to tend to her daily without fail and caring for her and now losing her at a young age of 15 . She was my heart , i had always imagine if i ever were to lose her , i would have fainted but the news of her passing didn’t came off to that extend but instead , i cried the whole day . I cried till my eyes hurt , my head hurt and i felt like my blood vessel were torn apart . There was so many things i want to exchange with just to hear her say she loves me like she always do .But who i am kidding right . Life moves on right..

Fast forward, she’s a year old now . All grown up , a good eater. Still a friendly baby and a chatty one too . Still asleep till now day as i am typing this but i need to head to bed soon before i gets too sleepy to even wakes up in case she is thirsty and would want her milk at 4am.


Maybe one day , I will introduce you to her .Maybe if you happen to see me outside , there she is beside me . My precious sweetheart. MIA ARISSA ADAM.


Good night people xx

27 weeks + bumpin

Outdated post –  I forget to post about it

(2nd Trimester Memories)

Somebody have been kicking non-stop ever since the A started asking. And so it happens at  start of the 19wks mark . Careful what you wish for . hahaha. Kick my stomach , kick my bladder , everything that can be possibly kick on . I kena kick . Result – continuous visit to the ladies , random vomiting outburst , loss in appetite and a major pain at my tailbone whenever i sit for too long . Starting to hate desk bound jobs .

     2. Still not gotten myself new pillows or pregnancy pillow because simply I was too lazy        to search for one or sometimes i feel that the price is too exorbitant . Left or right doesn’t matter anymore . I still prefer my back . What’s the point of turning when you are  being kicked at even till 4am at night . I miss sleeping on my front . Such pleasure that I took for granted .

3. Pretty feisty for a “mini me” and a not so big bump . I only started showing prior at 18 weeks . Yes , PINK FOR DAYS ! Or maybe not .Cause I hate pink .  Actual fact is , the detail scan news was the most shocking one for us . Well , simply because we thought it was the opposite . No pregnancy glow , no urge to splurge on makeup , no desire to melawa and simply I dress sembarang only nowdays . ‘Whatever fits my bump’, they say . It came with a shock because through out my heavy days , not even one soul predicted that it would be a , “mini me” . Everybody thought and could “sense” it would be A’s Junior . So the hope was there . Maybe also because even before getting married , those childhood visions of a being a married woman and having a son for the first child seems to be dream come true to me but alas , a girl for the first only means DRESS UP and more DRESSING UP .

I have learn to face the truth and I actually love it ! I’ve been obsess with watching videos of baby girls . One in particular is #selmamalika . Selma in the morning and selma before going to bed . So cute lahh she .

Attend to our first baby fair with a not so big bump . Left with nothing at all because we were not even sure what to buy . And also I thought that we could do without those items that were being sold there .

Still have not fulfill my cravings of having sushi . I miss my  scallop and octopus sushi .Dying to have it actually but just waiting for the right time . Currently a C cup now which is so so so so weird .

Insomnia have just began . (its normal they say) . I could be sleeping early and then waking up at odd hours just staring at my husb or the ceiling .

Checkups have been good , except that there are a few times we have to either take a walk first or grab something to eat in order for her to turn upwards so that the doctor could measure her and all . Every checkup is such an awesome feeling knowing that we would be hearing her heartbeat and also watching her at the screen .

You , my dear have been a fan of fast food . You kept me making me have KFC , MCD , BURGER KING  as much as you could . There was no other foods that you crave except for the every wed the plaza makcik’s nasi ayam penyet and every fri also the plaza makcik’s nasi briyani . I basically need to munch every now and then .  Buying snacks make me happy .

I have not pick a name for you . Neither your dada . We want it to be something sweet . .  Have an Islamic meaning behind it . But if there is one word to describe you while you are in me now . It would have to be STRONG.

A strong willed baby you are my love . Always making things easier for me . May Allah keep you safe and sound till I finally meet you . ❤

And he answered saying:

You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore.

You shall be together when white wings of death scatter your days.

Aye, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God.

But let there be spaces in your togetherness,

And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.

Love one another but make not a bond of love:

Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.

Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup.

Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf.

Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone,

Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.

Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping.

For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.

And stand together, yet not too near together:

For the pillars of the temple stand apart,

And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.

                        –On Marriage , Khalil Girbran

so tired , so tired

morning tired monday sleeping cinderella

I am sooooo TIRED . No matter how early I sleep on the Sunday , i always wake to my Monday feeling gorgy and lethargic . Don’t get me started on the train ride to work .. I will literally take the chance to shut my eye and doze off .  I have been out almost every weekend ever since I got married . There is not one day that I am able to sit at home , lay down on the bed and bath only at the wee evenings . Plans are not needed on a weekends because its always the impromptu ones that made us head out .

After we got married , its always about the wedding season . Attending friends and relatives wedding were our itinerary . Then came Ramadhan and onwards Syawal . Now that while we are still celebrating Hari Raya , we still have weddings to attend to.                       Hello , I am not complaining ahh . Just puzzled as to where do all the time goes ..  So much to do so little time .

Marriage Life is so tiring !!!!!! HAHAHAH .

Yes , i have said it . There is no more “Sat is laundry day ” . I would literally have to make sure both of us got clothes to wear to the office on the weekdays .  Living with the in laws didnt’t give me much choice to shop a lot . With my ‘not so much’ clothes now , its already making my husb’s wardrobe messy and overloaded .  Any more clothes and I have to settle keeping some it in cardboard boxes . Having said that , obviously  I must have clean and ironed clothes for the rest of Mon-Fri. So laundry day could either be tues or wed itself . And the weather is seriously not helping ahh . Rain and nice cool weather that make you so sleepy everytime we reach back home .

Sometimes I myself don’t understand where do I get all this energy from . I could be out the whole day on a Saturday and still find myself getting ready on the Sunday . With the big changes going on with the body , think that someone must be confuse too . “First say tired and want to rest “, later at the lift say “Okay baby , give me the strength to go through today ok , please behave okay while we are still outside” .

I miss my single self , where I could just say NO to everything . Cancelling plans just so that I could catch up with my sleep and pigging out on my bed with my mother’s homecook meals on the weekends . It’s quite hard to say NO to my in laws now that i’m living with them . Having to see my MIL’s head pop into the bedroom door asking us if we want to follow is just ………… Alah , you know kesian seyh . My in-laws dah quite berumur and unlike my parents their strength and energy is not good anymore so being with them could make us quite useful .

At times , the urge to be a full time tai-tai is so high up there . I just want to hibernate and probably call it ‘nesting’ till December . Being more tired than before is probably part of the big changes to my body .I now walk slower , feeling heavy everytime and now most of pants I wear , I could not get the zipper done till the top. And don’t get me started on those ferocious appetite . I could eat the same dish over and over again . There was this particular place that I made A brings me to so that I could satisfy my Claypot Beef Rice and Rojak Pisang Goreng over and over again . Sometimes I myself got shock of the amount of sugar and salt intake I consume . I could be wanting to eat rainbow rice donut and the next day blueberry filled donut .Thank God at every appointment checkup , I passed my sugar and high blood pressure .

I have been holding off from flight booking and even makeup shopping . I want to  go KL so badly to shop and shop and shop .

Kenanga mall is so tempting , with all the new clothing people are selling in IG . You do know that in Kenanga , most if it is available there .  And also the Egg’s Benedict toast from Ben’s in Pavillion .

Now is all about , should I co-sleep or let him or her sleep on his own . Should I buy a carrier or just get the sling one . Should I get that jumpsuit or the bodysuit . Or on most frequent days , should I  buy the butter sugar toast today or tomorrow .

A lot of things have been going around this past few weeks or months  . A lot that I want to talk about but I am HOLDING myself until I find the righttttt time to share it beyond the close friends and family members. I scared the happiness is shortlived  so i felt that its better for me to keep it within me first .

In fact , I would love to tell you see . To share from the start and hopefully the end . It’s such a warm feeling when I do tell a few people and they immediately churn out those motivational words for me . It make my tiredness worth while . It makes me feel good sometimes . You go through your days knowing there are actually people out there praying for you .

But at times , I must take a step back lah kan . Not everything we can share . Sometimes the lesser we know or tell the better right. Now that we are growing up, we do realize we have no time for drama , sensitive people and kepo people.

Okay i NEED to eat . Have a good tuesday girlies xx

Rooftop Party , Friends and Pizza.

Sigh !! How I miss updating on this blog . 

Now that I am a pengantin basi and Alhamdulillah , everything is done and over . Can’t help but feel a lil jelly of those getting married . All the preps to be a bride BUT if you were to ask me if I were to do it all over again .. My answer is NO. heh

The only thing I have not got back yet is my Wedding Video . But no sweat people , Fudge from D’shootz are always prompt updating us about it . Truth is , we don’t mind also . Actually when we think back , we could do without the video because the pictures are more than enough to remind us about our big day . But yes,  video important also . Mana tahu nak feeling2 balik and rewind those moments in motion .

On weekends , i am so dead lazy . Too lazy to even wake up early . If I know that weekend , i feel like sleeping in later than my usual time , I would head back to my parents place cause maklumlah tinggal rumah in laws , nanti kalau bangun pukul 12 , apa dorang pikir pulak kan .

Up to date , it has been a good journey over at my in law place though I had to now take a bus first then the MRT in order to get to work unlike my parents house , where the MRT  is just a 5 min walk . Really thankful for Allah for not granting me KEPO in laws where by they keep asking me this and that . My in laws respect my privacy though sometimes I feel like dorang macam tak peduli pasal aku ! HAHA  . But don’t get me wrong , they are in their 60s , so probably their vibe would be – Biarlah , anak2 ni kan dah besar , kita tak payah sibuk2 lagi .. Tahu lahh dorang urus diri dorang .

Since me and A are quite independent , we are all good . We rely on each other most of the times . Nasib lah ada laki yang pandai masak , one who I  can rely to prepare my meals . Sometime I got back late from work and the maid already kept all the food , A would be the one ensuring I at least get something to eat before I solat and sleep .

Though he can be so nasty and so annoying with his farts . I don’t get it with the lelaki boleh kentut depan kita tapi bila part kita cakap kita nak kentut , they will give us this digusted look . OHMAGAWD ! Geram kdg2

Tapi kahwin ni bagus actually , ada teman bebual merepek . Especially before sleep . I and A will be mumbling and talking about anything and everything just before we sleep . Sometimes I just wouldn’t stop , A knows really well that once I start bebual merepek and talk non stop in the car when outside or in the house , I am asking to be put in bed or immediately balik because I need my bed .

In a few more hours , A and I will be leaving for Phuket for my birthday trip . Maklumlah member nak tukar bulan . Nak turn 25th .  And we just could not stay still in Singapore . Apart from the 2 weeks plus of mini honeymoon in Bali on Feb . Then last two weeks at Montigo Resort and now , the land of the Banana Pancake , Nutella Pancake and Mango Sticky Rice. We would be flying back on my birthday itself which will be the 24th in order to celebrate with family and friends .

It would be first time to Phuket , so any suggestions of good place to makan or shop do drop a comment ok . Klau tak imma gonna be a sea lion and just soak up the sun dekat tepi swimming pool. Or even better , sleep in the hotel room all day .

We are pretty bump that we had to sell off our ticket to our big honeymoon this end of year because well someone’s expected EDD is this Dec . My birthday present you can say !! Insyallah .  May Allah keep my love ones safe and to you all too .

17 days to Ramadhan people . First one with the husb and Eid too . Moga Allah temukan kita di bulan yang mulia lagi penuh rahmat itu . Speaking of  which , need to buy those fancy-fancy envelopes . hehe

Enjoy your weekends !!

Overview Peti Solek & Bliss Photo

True to their words , Bliss delivered us their products exactly 2 months after our wedding . We didn’t need to text them as to remind bout our photos but apparently to some of our family members , two months is too long . Like Whutttt !! How early you expect to get your wedding photos seyhh ..

I mean we understand on our side , as they also hold their own full time job and Bliss happens to have wedding assignments almost every week . But overall our photographer , Syahruz did an excellent job about it . Money well spent i must say !!! Collecting our photos was a nerve wreaking feeling , I was telling A how nervous and scared i was . I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was all good .

We got everything that was on the contract and boy was I pleased . And while we are talking bout Bliss , let me talk about Peti Solek too as to save blog posts . hahaa




Outfits entirely from Peti Solek from top to toe except for our footwear . We adore our Nikah outfit though the decision was sorely made by me alone to have it in white . I wasn’t really sure if my body was even suited for white but I just choose it for the “suci” kind of sake look . HAHAHA

Everything falls into place nicely , from the make up to the tudung styling . All was on point for me .  I didn’t even have to tell my MUA what kind of look I wanted . Again , I find that my $300 spent on getting Kak Yaya was so worth it . She stayed with us throughout and we did not even had to hire a Pak Andam . Everything she took care of it . All I asked was for nikah was I don’t want a bold colour lipstick . Syahruz captured our nikah night beautifully , from the guests to the venue . Everything was perfect . And even so our nikah ended quite late , around 10pm . All 3 of them , Kak Yaya , Syahruz and Fudge(D’shootz) was still around us and didn’t complain one bit about the extension of timing.

Now over to our Sanding Day . All 3 were punctual on that day . Truth be told , I didn’t get ready in front of my dressing table mirror so I totally have no idea how my makeup was going to be like . But when I’m totally done with my makeup and hair do , everything was to my liking . On that day , I didn’t even got a touch up for Kak Yaya . All she ever did was to wipe my sweat and change my lipstick colour on my last outfit . So awesome kan .

Her hands are magical I tell ya . So yes , this outfit was the one that required us to top up that additional moolah . One of the collection  in DiRaja Series . We had a few choices to our Sanding outfit before we settle for this one . We or shall I say, I  wanted the outfit to stand out from our dais colour . So Maroon it is .  This outfit was also picked by Kak Yaya herself as she felt that this one deserve the shine again unlike the red one which is currently hot and trending . And besides even the sizing and cutting matches us .


A&F_0467 copy.jpg

A&F_0554 copy.jpg

Love every bit of it , from the pictures to the poses to the outfit . Nothing I could complain about it except for the annoying corset that I was required to wear both for my nikah and sanding . I only had  to wear a shapewear for my bum to make the outfit look smooth and only the corset for my stomach and boobs . No difference to my boobs or stomach actually . HAHAH . But the moment I sat down , the corset shape was making an appearance on the outfit and it was quite uncomfortable .

I truly miss wearing the songket outfit as I felt that it was too fast . HAHA . When you look good in something, of course you don’t want to remove it .

The only regret that I had with Syahruz was he didn’t manage to snap a pic of us with our Wedding Car . It was a freaking BMW M5 owned by one of A’s groomsmen which was our friend but because the rain started when we start to leave to the groom’s place . Not much picture was taken with the beautifool car . Can sit but cannot own one . HEH . Got to use it for  the wedding also good enough lah hor . Baru nak feeling2 .

Last but not least was our last outfit , this one doesn’t belong to Peti Solek . Only A’s suit and my accessories was from them . In case you miss about this dress episode , you could read it here .

Syahruz was the one who initiated to use this park as our outdoor photography session . Thankfully it was just behind my wedding venue .

Looking back at all the pictures , it seems as though all the pictures were album worthy , even those in the thumb drive that he gave us .

So thank you , Bliss & Peti Solek for making our lives so much easier . It’s true what they say , “Money can be earn again and again , but moments like this sometimes takes a lifetime”


I guess that’s about it  then . We have not yet got our wedding video but of course , knowing that it will be the last review means we will wrap this #weddingseries soon .


New Quest .

The Domestic Goddess (wannabe)

You know how we girls always dream of having the tai-tai life and all after marriage . I too, share the same one . And now that Allah haven’t bless us with our mini ones , I took the time to research about house planning and renovations . You can take everything A , but not my dream kitchen . But alas , those dream kitchen doesn’t come cheap . Imagine those SMEG pastel fridges , those KitchenAid pastel mixer and those big built in transparent oven .


However we are still taking our time around this house planning kind of thing . Our BTO estimation date will probably be in the early 2018 .And although both of us loves to cook , we still choose to have a BTO . What a bummer right . Small kitchen means lesser space . And we didn’t opt for the open kitchen concept which makes the kitchen planning to be of the traditional arrangement . Gone were the dreams of having a big counter table just like Gordon Ramsey .

For me , the heart of the house lies in the kitchen . There’s where we will create memories together . The good and bad and everything but one thing for sure , the kitchen could also be a war ground for you guys . True story . Marriage life is indeed very good . No doubt about that . But my small bickering with A usually starts in the kitchen . Funny right . Usually because of misunderstanding , ego and also usually I think he’s always  the troublesome and fussy one .

I love the kitchen when I learn to pick up the ropes of cooking and baking and of course being the eldest , I got to cook for them annoying siblings when the mother is tired or not around . But I LUFF it . I find them therapeutic . Reason being I will only cook and bake when I am in a bad mood or the need to let out some steam . Even though I was tired from work , I would still try that recipe that I found on the net or even though my pay have somehow vanish into thin air , I would scrimp that remaining money I have to spend on ingredients to try on a new recipe . I was that DEDICATED . hah . At first I didn’t realise it until my mum brought it up . She was like                                                                                                                         “Eh , asal malam2 ni kau suka buat roti . Besok tak kerja eh ?”

It was pure dedication man , my head and body wants me to rest but my heart keeps telling to try out that particular recipe . But I ‘m forever thankful for them , for being my best and worst critics . For being my hamsters that I never had . Everything that I created , they never seem to get tired of it . For always choosing my bakes instead of ordering or buying  Hari Raya kuih-muih . HAHAHA . Quite an honor you know . However things took a turn now that I have settle down and  got married .

I have left my kitchen and move on to somewhere else . Yeap , living with the in laws and somehow finding new ways to let  those steam off . I don’t know man , the feeling is not the same . The kitchen is always empty and welcoming but whenever I had THAT mojo to cook , that will always be that SOMEBODY that pisses me off . And that would be my ever loving and caring HUSBAND .The frustration is real okay guys . My husband likes to poke his nose at my kitchen business way before we even got married and now that we are married , its still the same . You wanna know why ??

It’s because he can COOK ! So when you have two person who can cook in the kitchen , you know what will happen kan . Small tiffs and arguments . He likes to poke his nose at the stuff i’m doing which annoys me . Dictate my amt of spices and always plans to add an extra ingredients which he thinks might make the dish nicer .HAHAHAH . So annoying kan . When I do the same to him , tahu pulak member marah . HAHA  And even though we are husband and wife , the competitive spirit is there . I’m not so sure when did A learn to cook but it was quite a blessing too despite those tiffs. Those moments like when I am back late from work and A would whipped me something before I sleep . Shiok feeling you know,got someone serve you food . Two cooks means two different techniques and styles .

We can cook up a decent meal ,so having us in your team is a bonus . You will not have to fear of going to die of hunger .I miss hosting my friends at my house , we would have stamboat/grill night ,  lauk kampung food night , hari raya visit cook out and all . A is not so adventurous like me , there are a few things that he doesn’t take in like I would . An example would be the Black Chicken and those Ulam-Ulam .I love them Black Chicken soup and those ulams with hot pipping rice along with the century egg . .


And I guess you guys could guess , he is not a vegetable lover . So kental seyh .

We sure do can cook up a STORM ! I miss my kitchen and often I am so tempted to come back home to try out those new recipes .Often when the mother texted to say she felt like eating my honey chicken or those dishes that I have tried out ,I would be overwhelm with sadness and start my emo feelings . And that is why I cannot wait for my own house . My in laws house is fully equipped but the feeling not the same and pretty sure their taste bud not the same . HAHAH .

We called ourselves FOODIE for a good reason , all those hype about new stalls that sell nice food , all we try . Its no wonder that our weight gain not much of a surprise . Me and A love to spend on food . Nearly every payday , we would treat each other to good food to celebrate . JB would be our fav place too to explore yummy food . Speaking of which , we would going to try out Kilang Bateri this Sat . Hopefully , there might be something that catches our attention .

I’m the type that tried everything , just making sure there is no pork and lard in it but A is different , so long no halal cert . He won’t try it which makes me regret those moments I try joint places that doesn’t have those halal signs . I mean , I should be like that . Where did I went wrong . Hmmm . HEH .  Even going for sushi dates would be quite a hassle , though it seems like we are just going for good old innocent sushi , A makes sure that we would  be dining at the halal ones with no sake or beer being sold .I am still trying my very best to abstain from those places , which is quite hard as most of my company meeting are being held at hotel buffets and sometimes chinese restaurant where I had no choice but to go vegetarian . Here’s to becoming a better muslimah ! Insy allah

After the wedding , I was blessed with so many home appliances . Not sure why , but it was so sweet of them . I receive a hand mixer , an electric hot water kettle , beautiful plates and cups and the most extravagant was a rice cooker . Sadly , i had to leave them in the back of the store in my house . I couldn’t bring them over to in laws due to the unnecessary space and usage .

Well anyways , FB is a good source for you guys to get new recipes .Recently I just joined this Group called “Masak Apa Hari Ni (MAHI)” and boy was I shocked , all those recipes in there are so useful .Consisting of mostly housewives from Malaysia. You will surely not go wrong in the kitchen business .

Here’s one that me and A tried ! You know those 4fingers chicken that is oh so yummy . This recipe is the replica of it . We tried it and we loved it !!!!!

Here’s the video where we got it .

Honey Garlic Chicken

10 – 12 kepak ayam (dipotong drummet)
1 biji telur
2 sudu besar tepung jagung
4 sudu besar tepung gandum
1/2 sudu teh garam
1 sudu besar serbuk cili
1 sudu teh lada hitam

  Bahan untuk sos:
7 sudu kicap manis
8 ulas bawang putih (ditumbuk halus)
4 sudu madu
7 sudu sos cili
5 sudu sos tomato

1. Perap kepak ayam bersama telur, tepung jagung, tepung gandum, garam, serbuk cili, dan lada hitam.
2. Goreng ayam.
3. Didihkan kicap manis, bawang putih, madu, sos cili, dan sos tomato.
4. Salut ayam goreng bersama sos

So yes ,a new update from me . Trying to share whatever I could or the big reason was , A was complaining he was bored of not reading anything because I did not blog a new post . LOL

Till the next one

                                                 Nigella Wannabe  xx

Makeover for your ………..

Eh alamak , How can i forget this particular person ? This person deserve as much recommendation and appreciation as possible like the rest whom I have shared here because although it was not for me , what she did was much appreciated .

This person that i hired during the wedding was for my mother and sister . She was the MUA for them on that day (my sanding-Sunday) . For saturday , Me the Bride did the makeup for my mother . HAHA

Imagine the kecohness , after Yaya did my makeup , I quickly went to the other room to do her face makeup . My mother didn’t want any other people to do her face except for me because I have been doing so for the past years .My makeup skills not that high lahh , you know those simple2 one only .  My mother the cerewet lioness only agree to have a MUA on sun because I told her I needed 3 freaking hours to do my makeup and hair . No way , I could cabot half way to do her make up .

Of cause the task of finding a MUA wasn’t easy lah kan now that you have a fussy mother and vain sister . And also I needed to find one that could do hijab styling also because both of them don it .

Thankfully for the BTB Chats , got lah a few times they share contacts . Popular names like

  • Yumi Ary
  • Watie Misty 
  • Sue Afad 
  • Raja Norashikin
  • Nazlin Hilal 


sure kena mention one . But here’s the thing , all of them above charges more than $100 . Like duhh , good and popular . Of course expensive what . But , of course ME being the budget bride that I am , I was so sure that I could find the find the one that charges less than $100 or even $80 .

I stalk people’s wedding pics , bridesmaid pics and all on instagram to know if there is any MUA just as good as the above . Not really stalk lah , you know sometimes how on the featured page got people photo . So I just look through them . There was a few that I could remember and even inquire . A few that I could mention are

  • Hafizah Yazed 
  • Makeup by Waty Yazid
  • Faithsamavenue
  • Make up by Shima Matin
  • Makeup by Aida Ismail
  • Bynurfudge 

All of their prices varies . I was close to book faithsamavenue when a fellow BTB recommended them but due to my laziness I didn’t text them fast enough until I totally forgot about them . Until one day , I was bored in the office and I was busy scrolling for pictures that saw this particular person ig . She was a a bridesmaid and she engages that particular MUA for her makeup .I love her makeup . Her eyebrow was ok , contour ok . Not too dramatic or too thick . Just nice .

So I was like , “EH , WHO IS THE MUA SEYH ” . 

So it turns out to be this very sweet and lovely kakak by the name of Kak Haj . This is her profile and where you can find her .


If you look through her page , she does make up for all walks of life . The best part , most of her clients don hijabs . I was super excited you know .Kak Haj is also one of the MUA under Signature Bridal and Bella Sue Bridal Couture . I was hoping she would quote me with a reasonable price .

So I did send her a text to the num above stating my preferred date and for whom and within 10 mins , Kak Haj reply me back . What she replied , immediately make me say

“Okay kak , can I book you on that day , for 2 person. “

Her pricing are , $80 for the first person . Subsequent would be $65 . All prices including transport also . Omg , finally someone that could match my budget . For two pax is less than $150 . Liasing with Kak Haj is super smooth I tell you , just deposit and she will be there . She didn’t even keep bugging me for details or whatsoever like how to get to my house and etc .

She just needed me to deposit $20 in which I didn’t want to and I deposited $50 and pay the rest on the day itself . Kak Haj was punctual and since I had Yaya doing my face already,I could not greet her at the door . It was until I had my outift on that I managed to go to the other room to say Hi to her . It was nice of her to complement my makeup for another MUA  .

Kak Haj was so sweet , she even texted me after she was done with both of them, wishing me for my marriage .

Just take a look at this , this is my little mei mei after the Makeover . Just in case I could persuade you guys to hire her ,

Image (1)

To me , her makeup skills is awesome . To each of its own lah kan . Nothing was over too over . Please don’t introduce your single brothers to my sister . HAHA . This one a bit lazy and don’t know how to cook . HAHAHA (Just Kidding )

Why I recommend to you guys is because , my mother APPROVE of her . Both my sister and mother receive a lot of compliments on that day for their tudung styling and makeup . Some could not even recognize my mother .

So okay , tunggu apa lagi . If you need makeover for Pre-Wed or Post Wed or any kinds of makeover , can contact Kak Haj and tell her Eriana recommended  .