Ramadhan Updates

So today marks our 6th day of fasting . So fast kannn . So how’s Ramdhan is treating you guys ?? I hope everything been good . I miss out the first two days due to biological reasons . I was pretty bumped cause i thought it was over. But its not really over till its over . I was so excited to fast to the extend where I thought my bleeding have stop , so the night before ,I mandi and niat but only to find out at work that my pantyliner have been stained . Usually mine would be for 5 days only but this month it was 7 days  . I even looked up google and all to make sure if its really ok to start fasting.

I am not myself whenever I am on my monthly issue . Adam can vouch for me , haha . I am so nasty to him but 3 years plus , member pun dah biasa  . He knows that if im angry or nasty would be due to three reasons .


But Alhamdulillah , i already started to fast and Insha allah this year quota would be 28/30 days .

Speaking of fasting , if you ladies are looking for a place to iftar with your PLUS one . You can try this place . ATM machine just 5 steps away from the stall . I tried it before the fasting month.

Sedap Thai )

Halal Moo Ka Ta / $15 for 2 pax .

Press the link on the above to get their place details and all ok . What you see , is what you get

 You won’t regret it .  (the teriyaki chicken is SODAP)

Just as much as I enjoy the variety of food available this ramadhan , I would love to enjoy doing my terawih at different mosques and prayer halls this year . Since my office is just 5-8 mins away from Masjid Sultan , I look forward to the days where I can do my prayers there but WORK is taking a toll on me . Masyallah . By the time I end work jer , badan dah lemah longlai . Sometimes I took advantage and don’t know how fortunate I am to have a mosque near to my workplace .

                              So yes , WEDDING PREPS . Stagnant at the moment  . We are down to 7 months .                                           A while ago , I look up to my vendor lists . And we are left with the booking of  vendor for the wedding cakes , the invitation cards and our wedding berkats . We have our choices in mind but somehow we feel it might be too early for us to place our deposit . Takut2 we chance upon another vendor and YES , blame me. I am so fickle . Dalam diam I already called my town council to ask about my wedding venue booking . My MPH would require  6 months in advance of booking. Which means booking of venue and first fitting would be on the same month .


Actually I have alot more places and stuff to share on my wedding preps but I will save it on my next upcoming posts . Gonna finish up my work first before leaving for the day . One hour and a half to go . Tonight for iftar , its thai food with the mister . Our fav thai joint in Arab street . For the past two years , we have been eating here . So this year its a must also . Halal Buffet thai food .

Call to reserve seats okay  , should you guys wanna try it out .

Koh-NangKam )

                          Selamat berbuka nanti . xx


6 thoughts on “Ramadhan Updates

  1. nrms_x says:

    Thanks for sharing babe! I didn’t about the Thai buffet. I shall try it with fiance after raya. For now cannot meet during fasting month. The #fastingpantang 😂😂

    • erianazai says:

      ahh i see , kudos on the #fastingpantang babe . may eid bring more meaning and happiness to you guys . haha . try jg ntk try . usually bila nk buka jer terpikir2 tmpat mana nak makan . hahaha

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